Kathy's current Hospital History
(last updated 1-12-16)

On Sat, November 7th I had to take Kathy to the ER in Red Wing MN.  After 3 hours of tests, she was transferred to the Rochester Mayo Hospital for surgery to repair a ruptured colon. The surgeon at Mayo felt that surgery was too risky at that time and elected to treat the problem with antibiotics and a drain.  On Monday Nov 9th a drain was inserted, two hours after that procedure, Kathy went into septic shock and was rushed to the ICU where she remained for the next 5 days.  On the evening of the13th she was transferred back her original room. Two days later she was released to the care of the Kinnic Rehab Center in River Falls.  There was no progress made in her recovery at the Kinnic Center and following a trip to the ER at the  River Falls hospital, we returned to Rochester on Monday Nov. 30th where she was readmitted to the Mayo Clinic hospital.  On Tuesday December 1st, Kathy was taken into surgery.  What was expected to take three and half hours stretched out into over eight hours.  When they opened her up they found a large hole in the colon and one and half leaders of crap had escaped the body cavity damaging  both the bladder and the rectum. This damage was repaired and they also removed a portion of the colon.  Currently Kathy has a colonoscopy which we anticipate can be reversed in 5 to 6 months. Following the surgery, Kathy once again went into septic shock and had to be treated in the ICU for the next 3 days.   Because of the extensive infection, they were not able to complete the surgical closesure and a second surgery was scheduled for Friday December 4th. to finish sewing her up. The good news is, they were able to stabilize Kathy and remove the breathing tube after three days in ICU.  Kathy remained in Rochester for another two weeks and then returned to the Kinnic Home for the rest of her recovery.  It was questionable if she will be home for Christmas. Kathy is able to accept phone calls and may be reached at: (715)821-7794

Christmas Day update..........

Kathy did not make it home for Christmas, but I was able to take her to Brian's house for Christmas Eve and  we will be going to Wilson's home on the 26th for Christmas with the rest of the Family.

Update 1-3-2017...............

I took Kathy back to Mayo this past Tuesday(12/22) for a follow up visit.  They removed the stitches in the main incision; however, the catheter remained in place as there is still a small leakage in the upper part of  the bladder and they are testing for a possible infection in the bladder as well.  Next Mayo visit is scheduled for January 15 at which time, if all is well, they will remove the catheter and the remaining stitches around the  colostomy.  Kathy is a long way from full recovery, but she gets stronger with each passing day and her attitude is very good.

Update 1-12-16..............

I took Kathy back to Rochester Mayo yesterday for an earlier than expected follow up visit which turned out to be a three star day.  All the test results came back positive and they removed the catheter.  Based on her recovery progress, after over 10 weeks in a hospital environment, Kathy is scheduled to come home on Thursday.

Once again we want to thank everyone for their prayers, visits, flowers and cards during  the past three  months. It is our prayer that Our Lord will bless each of you  with a happy and prosperous new year.