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Answers to apple questions

 1- How many pounds of apples are in a bushel of apple?
      40 pounds      

 2- How can you tell if an apple is ripe and ready to eat?
 Look at the seeds, if the seeds are brown or
              black, the apple is rip and ready to eat.

 3- What are the basic colors of apples ?       
    Generally speaking, apples are RED, GREEN
               or YELLOW

 Answers to apple question  

What is the traditional apple pollinators?

      The dominate pollinators in an Apple Orchard
      are the Bees

 2- Why do apple orchards thin (Remove some 
      apples)  the apples on their trees?

     Apple Trees tend to bear fruit every other year
     To get the trees to bear fruit every year, about
     one half of the fruit is removed when the apples
     are approximately 9mm in size.  This will also
     help produce larger apples.

 3- Name 5 things you can make with apples

      Pies, Apples Cider, Apple sauce. Apple Butter
      Apple bread, Apple Brats - How many more
      items can you think of?

 Answers to apple questions

1- Average amount of sugar in an apple?
A ripe apple will have between 14 to 16 percent sugar

2- If you plant a seed from the apple you are eating, will you get the same apple?
No! An apple seed will produce what is known as a Standard size tree and there
is no way of knowing what other tree was
the pollinator.

3- How do you pasteurize apple cider?
The cider must be heated to 160 degrees for 10 seconds to remove E. coli

 Answers to apple questions   

1- How many pounds of apples are in a peck?
There are 4 pecks to a Bushel and a Bushel of apple weighs 40 pounds so a Peck weighs 10 pounds

2- What is a vole?
A vole is a small rodent that looks something like a mouse, except the vole has a much shorter tail and is darker brown.  The vole live outdoors just below the grass.

    3- What does thinning an apple tree mean
             In order to get an apple tree to produce
              apples every year it is necessary to remove some
              of the apples following peddle fall in the spring.
              This will also help to produce larger apples.  The
             process of removing the apples is referred to as



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