Circle K Orchard is a mature commercial Apple Orchard situated on 40 acres in rural Western Wisconsin just 9 miles east of River Falls. The orchard specializes in growing select varieties which were especially developed for the upper Midwest such as the Haralson, Regent and Fireside and the new Honey Crisp to name but a few. Two important elements of the orchard management are Integrated Pest Management and Sonic Bloom.

We use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) System: This is the combination of cultural, biological and chemical controls used to produce an acceptable commercial crop. By monitoring for the presence of undesirable elements and applying treatments only when the economical threshold has been exceeded, we are able to protect the natural predators and keep the orchard in a state of natural balance. 

Sonic Bloom: is a patented process  developed by Dan Carlson which utilizes a special sound frequency combined with the application of trace elements such are copper, Potash, Boron and manganese. The apparent results of this effort have been *larger yields* healthier trees* higher fruit quality and* less insect problems. Find out more at: http://www.originalsonicbloom.com.

When visitors come to the Orchard they have the opportunity to observe a commercial packing line which grades to size and packs apples for commercial distribution. 

The Orchard also features the only on site cider pasteurizer in Western Wisconsin and it is open for inspection. Our pasteurizing process heats the cider to 160 degrees for 10 seconds which will eliminate any contaminates but does not cook the cider. Therefore our cider retains its natural texture and retains the nutrients.  We also provide cider which has not been pasteurized upon request.

You can pick your own apples or buy pre-packaged. Complete line of jams and jellies-maple syrup-pumpkins-Caramel Apple Pies, Apple Brats and special custom made caramel apples!